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    Vanilla Repack - Light's Hope Based

    The Ultimate Vanilla Repack This as a complete repack of the open source Light's Hope emulator, with all of its features, including movement maps, anti-cheat protection, multi-language support, progression system, and even an optional custom mall located on gm island made by me. This project is...
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    Event Horizon - A SmartAI Editor (TrinityCore, Emucoach..)

    Event Horizon 0.9 - SAI Editor (Credits to Author of this awesome application!) Event Horizon is a tool for scripting creatures through smartAI. Download: Hidden content VirusScan: N.B: If you are getting errors, Install the latest Java...
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    PiroxBot [3.3.5] Wotlk Bot

    A reshare by Sandstrom. All credits to him, (as the author) Pirox is a bot for World of Warcraft 3.3.5. This bot works on all Windows versions up to Windows10. I have been using Pirox for about a week now and it is by far the best bot for 3.3.5. I've ran it 24/7 without any problems. My...
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    Wrobot 2.4 3 - 3.3.5a - legion 7.x CRACKED/NULLED, Wrobot HACK

    Get Wrobot for 2.4.3, 3.3.5, legion 7.x, cracked version of Wrobot through torrent. Credits to author of the upload. (tum4dre0) Download: Hidden content Ensure to edit the following: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc HOSTS
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    [3.3.5] Working Honorbuddy - WOTLK - WoW 3.3.5 Honorbuddy

    This is a reshare made by Sandstrom, released as a working honorbuddy for 3.3.5 wotlk version. Hello! I found a working version of Honorbuddy for wow 3.3.5, including a guide written in russian. I have now translated this into understandable English. The links are tested and there is no virus...
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    WoW How to Duplicate Quest Items - Private Servers - Dupe - Cheat Engine - TC

    NOTE: THIS EXPLOIT IS FOR PRIVATE SERVERS & ALSO WILL WORK ON ALMOST EVERY PRIVATE SERVER Hey there guys, I wanted to show you how to make tons of gold by duplicating quest items on the Pandashan 5.0.5 private server. This duplication trick requires some basic knowledge of Cheat Engine. Note...
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    WoW Admin Panel - 3.3.5 - Hack - Tool - Cheat - wotlk

    This is a version of WoW Admin Panel - 3.3.5 that I decided to release on here. Download link: ClickHere WOTLK - 3.3.5 - working on almost every 3.3.5 wotlk server out there. Admin panel is a cheat tool existen on wow private servers. - Teleports list support Hitchhiker's in case you used...
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    WoW Admin Panel - 2.4.3 - Hack - Exploits - TBC

    This is a version of WoW Admin Panel - 2.4.3 that I decided to release on here. Download link: ClickHere TBC - 2.4.3 (Fully Undetected by FeenixWoW) and a lot of other 2.4.3 servers that are out there. Admin panel is a cheat tool existen on wow private servers. - Teleports list support...
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    The Explorer [for Patch 4.3.4] - Cataclysm - Exploit

    First of all, credits goes to -- unknown - I have not created this bot just re-releasing it. The Explorer Supports Wow Private Servers patch 4.3.4 Hey people, Releasing yet another tool for you, this one supports patch 4.3.4 realms ONLY. This tool supports servers such: Molten Wow, Monster...
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    HonorBuddy - BOT - Honor Farming - cata - 4.3.4 - TC

    Alright so this is a quite simple release but very searched, this version is working quite well, and it's definitely worth checking it out if you are in need of a honorbuddy for 4.3.4 cataaclysm. Anyhow this is CRACKED honor buddy that works on private server Cataclysm! It behaves like 90% of...
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    TrinityCore Client [3.3.5/4.3.4] - Unique - Cata / Wotlk

    Disclaimer: This tool has nothing to do with the game World of Warcraft, so you won't be able to play with it on retail servers. It is compatible only with MaNGOS/TC based servers. [3.3.5] - v0.1: - v0.2...
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    [5.4.x/5.4.8 Hack] WoW Admin Panel -- MOP

    Before I go on, I would like to say this is a completly reshare: This share is a working hack that works for 5.4.x/5.4.8 private servers, AND some of these may even work on retail. (Be careful though) Wow Admin Panel for Mists of Pandaria 5.4.X If you're playing patch 2.4.3 \ 3.3.5a \ 4.3.4 \...
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    [WoW Ingame] Color Chat Text - 3.3.5, 4.3.4, 5.0.5, 5.4.8

    Before I go on, this is a known exploit but I'm sure some haven't heard of it before. Copy and Paste these codes added below into a WoW macro, that you use once and will result in a different color text. BLUE /run if(not scm) then scm = SendChatMessage; end; function SendChatMessage(msg...
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    5.0.5 Private Server Hack - H5WPlus Hack

    This is a share; This is a fantastic 5.0.5 MOP hack that works great on most of the 5.0.5 servers out there, arena-source, pandawow, pandashan, adversewow, monster wow and so on; File Name: High5Loader.exe File Size: 2.1 MB It offers features as cheating - flyhacking, tphacking, movement...
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    3.3.5 Exploit - 100% damage/HP upon death, works in bg/raids/arena, Molten-WoW

    This is an exploit a friend of mine figured out and not many knows about it and I can imagine it getting fixed soon but here it is: 1. Get into the Strand of the Ancients Battleground. (queue RBG) 2. You have to die before the battle start, otherwise it wont work. (TP to an altitude of 1000...
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    [4.0.6] Hack

    I am now going to re-post some of my releases/shares that I released before the post loss; H-WoW is a 4.0.6 hack that is pretty populair in that patch. It's offering Speed hack and offering how fast you want to run as well as flyhacking, walk on water, hunter-track, wall climb and no hack as...
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    Repack setup

    Hi everyone! I'm a bit beginner to all this so how do I set up this repack?
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    Hi guys

    Hi guys! I just wanted to say hey to everyone. I found this forum through my friend and I like it very much so far! I'm also from sweden btw!