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  1. brian8544

    worldserver crash upon toon load

    Indeed your permissions were not set-up right. Glad you found out the problem. Hope all goes well now :D
  2. brian8544

    worldserver crash upon toon load

    What happens if you type '.help' What happens if you type: Do you receive any commands?
  3. brian8544

    Honorbuddy for Mists of Pandaria! Try this ^.
  4. brian8544

    A General Help Guide

    Gonna quote from Discord: Mr. Satan (01/28/2022):
  5. brian8544

    Stormwind guard gossip bug

    Trinity rev. d857314ad723 [Location, Faction, Race] Goldshire, Stormwind Guards NPC ID= 1423 [Problem Description] 'Profession Trainer'-gossip doesn't list anything [How it should work] List nearby profession trainers
  6. brian8544

    Stable master screen opens for non hunters

    Trinity rev. d857314ad723 This is more of a cosmetic bug than a functional one, shouldn't be prioritized at all but I'm still gonna list it, perhaps someone can fix it, not sure if it's core or sql related. [Location, Faction, Race] Goldshire, Erma, Stable Master NPC ID= 6749 [Problem...
  7. brian8544

    @ExO key exposed

    @ExO key exposed
  8. brian8544

    Count To 2.000

  9. brian8544

    worldserver crash upon toon load

    (( If you want to upload anything big in the future, you can use Zippyshare and put a direct link here on to the forums :D ))
  10. brian8544

    Dragonflight Sandbox

    I've been waiting on this, didn't knew it existed. Actually forgot about their project, thank you @ JustARandomGuy :D
  11. brian8544

    This application was unable to start correctly 0xc0150002

    No, invalid answer. Just get the right dll files
  12. brian8544

    VIP 15 crashes in Goblin start area, quest id 14153 "life-of-the-party"

    Your memory (RAM) seems to be full aswell, it's at 94% capacity. Try doing it again with more memory (RAM) available. Did the server console give any information on your character disconnect aswell?
  13. brian8544

    Beware of scammer Splicho

    Now both of you have been going at it for days, what will any of you benefit? What's the gain? How about both of you pay me instead? 😇
  14. brian8544

    Beware of scammer Splicho

    Getting banned in McDonalds, then complaining about it in KFC. That is what this is about.. Everyone knows internet strangers are hard to trust, this is 300% more extreme in the WoW-emu scene. Everyone knows this, scams happen daily. I hope both sides learn from this, to not trust anyone...
  15. brian8544

    Shadowfang Keep missing doorhandles

    The mobs inside the cells will come out and attack you, you can test it on live servers for example :D
  16. brian8544

    Friends cannot connect fully

    Have you checked the Auth/realmlist database? External IP and Local IP
  17. brian8544

    Which is best for domain and hosting?

    Domains > Server > Get something cheap, with somewhat good reviews, perhaps
  18. brian8544

    Run serverside application with script

    Found out how to do it, thought it had to do something with CGI, but after looking into some forums, i found out how to do it. This script will run Notepad.exe on a Windows 11 machine running XAMPP Apache2 webservice. I don't know if it's safe, but if anyone is curious on how to: <?php echo...
  19. brian8544

    Run serverside application with script

    Good evening EmuCoach community, Does anyone know if it's possible to run a server-side application with Windows through clicking a button on a website, perhaps anyone knows the technical name for it? I've checked AJAX but it looks like that only serves web-like stuff (php scripts as example)...
  20. brian8544

    MoP Repack works for me, but not others, online issues

    Not me, but heard good things about it (not sponsored xD xaxa) as example