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    MoP Registration page

    Super cool! :)
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    PM answered :)

    PM answered :)
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    PM answered :)

    PM answered :)
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    Very, very awesome post - as mentioned privately. Much appreciated, thanks for taking the time to detail those things. I can assure you that they're being looked at :) Cheers!
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    [UPDATED] MOP 5.4.8 Working Armory - FREE - No CMS

    Looks really good! Nice work
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    VIP 15 crashes in Goblin start area, quest id 14153 "life-of-the-party"

    Is this the Emucoach Cata repack?
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    Mop repack is in the Premium section here:
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    AddOn Playersbot New! - MoP

    Awesome as always mate!
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    Licence Key please reset.

    PM sent :)
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    cata vip

    You just have to reply to the topic. (If you haven't been able to download it yet)
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    Taunt BUG :: Aggro & Threat

    Fixed on V16 (VIP) :)
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    Some issues and bugs V15 solo /vip gold

    Fixed many of them on V16 (VIP) :)
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    Glyph of Shadow

    Fixed on V16 (VIP) :)
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    Well of eternity: Azshara fight

    Fixed on V16 (VIP) :)
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    Buying item stacks costs you x times the actual cost

    Fixed on V16 (VIP) :)
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    V14 Lady Illucia Barov

    Fixed on V16 :)
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    Shadowfang Keep missing doorhandles

    Should be fixed on V16 :)
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    V15 Random Dungeon Finder queue's wrong dungeons

    Fixed on V16 (VIP) :)