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    V11 More Class bugs

    [Location, Faction, Race] General
    [Name, Type] Guardian of the Ancient Kings (Spell ID 86150)
    [Problem Description] Guardian attacks the target what so ever
    [How it should work] The Guardian should stop attacking targets effected by things like Blind, Repentance, Sheep, Scatter Shot etc. but should still attack on Fears!!!!!ONLY PRIEST FEAR, NOT WAR!!!!!! and Stuns.

    [Location, Faction, Race] General
    [Name, Type] Exorcism (Paladin)
    [Problem Description] Exorcism always applies the effect of the same named Glyph, even tho you don't even have it (dmg over time effect)
    [How it should work] Should only apply the Dot effect when the glyph is equipped.

    [Location, Faction, Race] General
    [Name, Type] Eye for an Eye (9799 and 25988) (Paladin)
    [Problem Description] Spell does nothing at all
    [How it should work] Should have a chance of 40% to cause 30% of the damage taken back to the attacker aswell ONLY MAGIC ATTACKS!!

    [Location, Faction, Race] General
    [Name, Type] Pet Resilience
    [Problem Description] Pets (especially warlock pets) die way too fast, I think they don't stack with the summoners Resilience (not sure about the calculation value)
    [How it should work] Pets should somehow use a % value of the summoners resilience

    [Location, Faction, Race] General
    [Name, Type] Titles
    [Problem Description] When adding a Title to non GM Accounts, they instantly get deleted as soon as you try to equip them
    [How it should work] Self explaining
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