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Mists of Pandaria Repack News

May 24, 2018 - 10:25 PM - by Artamedes
Artamedes's Avatar
Since the repack vote thread poll closed here

MoP won first place with 51 votes over the other options

So.. MoP has been in development for quite some time now, and some of you guys are probably wondering what's going on with the project?

Going into this, MoP has been in development, pretty much everyday.

MoP is one of the harder version to work on, to be able to work on mop means you need to have a good mindset, and good knowledge if you want to have something worth while.

I personally learned many things while working on this core. I'll make a quick story behind the core. If you don't care for the story, you can skip this part. and just read the progress of the core.


Starting from last year, on January 28, 2017 I picked up this core, from emucoach, It was the firestorm leak found here https://www.emucoach.com/showthread....ed-on-Jadecore

Before the summer I thought about opening my own repacked version of the core on ac-web showing off my fixes, people there told me that I would just get bored like Junky and Dule did and just give up, well I did not give up even to this day, and still working actively everyday on it.

so obviously the first thing I did with the core was make a repo on git, and start it up. When I first started on this core, it seemed pretty good, spells were working, it felt good to run around in mop, then I realized the horrors of JadeCore, and it's monstrosity of hackfixes, the server crashes, all that horror.. So the next few months after that, were many changes regarding crash fixes, some minor spell fixes, and some hackfix cleanup, and cmake script updates. Finally after this the core became stable and didn't crash within 1 hour of just messing around. Now I will skip ahead a few months, since nothing worth sharing happened during the summer of 2017.

So as you may know, this leak, and pretty much any JadeCore found online, during 2017 did not have any mmaps/pathfinding. So I decided to take on the challenge of adding mmaps, after a while I got the compile to work, only to find what was probably stopping the other devs on jadeCore from implementing them, which was really awkward mob movement. I soon learned this was caused from SMSG_MONSTER_MOVE, and that was the first ever opcode, and I didn't know a ton about opcodes other than they change per each version ever since cataclysm, and you have to be a god to reverse them. So I talked with some friends of why it does this, and they told me SMSG_MONSTER_MOVE wasn't correct to an extent. One of those friends was Quadral. He happened to also be working on the firestorm leak too, and released his core to the public after he couldn't find out how to fix the SMSG_MONSTER_MOVE packet structure. He told me that he even asked the Firestorm Developer if the structure of that opcode was correct, and the firestorm dev replied that it was. Obviously we both didn't believe that so I used the internet, and remembered SkyFire used to be 5.4.7 and they had mmaps at that time, so I took their MovementPacketBuilder files which contained SMSG_MONSTER_MOVE and ported it into jadecore and found that it actually worked for mmaps. and Mmaps was working, so I shared the fix with my friend Quadral at the time and he got motivated that pathfinding was working again, so he started back up on his core privately.

So now core has working pathfinding, hey that's pretty cool. that's something unique a lot of people wont have.

so now lets skip a few more months into December 2017-January 2018

During this time BattlePay was successfully coded which is the ingame shop. I figured out how to code an opcode structure only using unk bits based on the WowPacketParser project on TrinityCore's github https://github.com/TrinityCore/WowPa...toreHandler.cs

after a ton of trial and error, I was able to guess 90% of the structure for the list opcode, and managed to code this for 5.4.7, throughout this whole way I kept thinking to myself, how can I make this easier.. cause the whole process took weeks just for 1 opcode.

so I torrented IDA pro and looked at my wow.exe, didn't know what I was looking at, closed it, looked up youtube videos everynight of how to use IDA, and I learned some of the basic things, which was how to search for stuff, how to press F5 to see pseudocode, and some other things.

Still after that I could not find out how to reverse opcodes.

Then after messing around with IDA a bit more, I was able to find my first opcode structure which was for SMSG_UPDATE_OBJECT, so after studying it for a bit I realized some patterns. and it kind of took off from there.

I then found out about the main opcode part of the client, which was the SpecialJamDispatch, which contained 80% of the opcodes. I first found SMSG_AUTH_RESPONSE was already in my IDB and I saw what was going on, and that it did back trace to the SpecialJamDispatch function so I figured some of this out, although stuff wasn't matching up with opcode decimal from Opcodes.h of the server, at the time I did not know how it was calculated.

So I decided to take on a challenge, update the core to 5.4.8 fully.

I took this on at the end of February 2018, I found online on a forum that someone in 2014 posted a huge dump of opcodes for 5.4.8, it was well documented, it had very useful stuff on it, and it had the Offset that SpecialJamDispatch was using, so I could easily reverse the structures of SMSG opcodes with it, as long as they were in the dispatch function.

Well moving forward a few months, after using IDA so much everyday and learning how stuff was calculated, I made my own program to auto get the structure of any SMSG given the decimal, and it works great.
CMSG was intresting to find how it works, but it's really simple, just decompile the full wow.exe, open in your favorite text editor, search a2, CMSGDECIMAL, go to that function in IDA, jump to xref, and the structure is 1 above that function.

I won't go too much into about the reversing from the client, because it would be a paper that is too long for a repack.. so going on, I saw on emucoach that there was a repack poll around the same
... [Read More]
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New 3.3.5 and Upcoming 5.4.8 Repacks!

Mar 13, 2018 - 8:14 PM - by Mr. Satan
Mr. Satan's Avatar
Hello everyone at EmuCoach!

First things first: Neither of these repacks will slow down the development of the 4.3.4 official EmuCoach repack at all! It will still be constantly developed.

For those of you who have been following the poll for a new supported expansion, you may already know this, but it's now official! The 5.4.8 repack has won the votes, and has begun development!
We currently do not have any set date for when it will be available, so keep in touch!
We should have a solid, stable foundation to start from, and a good bit of resources to help us develop it!

For those who prefer Wrath of the Lich King over other expansions, we have great news for you!
We have decided to have an official WotLK 3.3.5 repack, available HERE already! This repack will be my attempt to get into WoW development, so it may be a little slow at first.
I've already said it in the post, but I'm saying it here as well: As of now, I take zero credit for the WotLK repack. TrinityCore has done an amazing job, and I hope to continue and learn from them.

Both repacks will be as blizzlike as possible, just like our 4.3.4 repack!
  7 Replies | 799 Views

[REPACK POLL] - Which PATCH? Need your VOTE!

Mar 10, 2018 - 3:15 PM - by ExO
ExO's Avatar

Emucoach has and will still have it's main focus on Cataclysm.

BUT! We need your vote... Keep reading!

Another patch?

More and more of you guys are also becoming interested in other projects. Not because Cataclysm is bad, but because you like to experiment and try something new (From my understanding)

I am open for the idea to work on another patch (with a repack project like Emucoach Cata), as a secondary project, aside from Cataclysm, and even merge the fixes in. (So this means Cataclysm fixes get into the other patch, and opposite - if the data is valid of course!)

So we need your help! What patch would you like to see get worked on?

Think realistic. What do you personally want to see improved? MOP? Legion? WOD..? What is lacking currently in the scene? Is it MOP, is it Legion?
What do you think will gain most interest aside from Cataclysm?

I'd love to hear your opinion! REMEMBER to vote on the poll guys!

(Remember, Cataclysm will still be the main project, and will continue to get regular updates!)
This project will not affect the Cataclysm project in any bad way.

  57 Replies | 3,716 Views

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